Contractor Book Audit


Expert Contractor Book Audit

Full contractor books audit ensuring you remain compliant across 80+ countries

  • Comprehensive contractor agreements review
  • Benefits, payroll, invoices and payments review
  • Global risk assessment and compliance gaps
  • Country specific tax support and advice

Delivering global expansion in 80+ countries Worldwide

Engage and pay workers globally, safe in the knowledge that you are complying with local tax regulations & employment legislation.

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Contractor Book Audit


Contractor Book Audit


Contractor Book Audit


Contractor Book Audit


Contractor Book Audit


Contractor Book Audit


Contractor Book Audit


Contractor Book Audit



Hire globally with the clarity you need to grow

Mitigate Compliance Risks

The global legislative landscape for contingent workforce supply chains is complex and ever-changing. Our team of specialists can help you understand and reduce the risks of global hiring.

Cost-Saving Advice

Remove the burden of understanding complex country-specific legislation and avoid the risk of fines & penalties. From payment to compliance, we have you covered.

Contractor Agreement Review

We support with the review of Contractor engagement agreements and Supply chains to give you peace of mind and the ability to decipher and resolve compliance risks at an earlier stage.


International Tax advice

Our team of international tax specialists will guide and support you through the complexities and potential risks of new global markets.

Risk assessment

We will help you identify potential pitfalls in your processes and supply chains while ensuring your compliancy in the jurisdictions you operate in.

Partners for Growth

We’re here to help with every aspect of hiring and expanding your business internationally.
Speak with our global specialists today.


Tap into expert global Advice

We’re here to help with every aspect of working internationally. Our complete service includes everything your business needs.

  • International payroll
  • Global tax & legal advice
  • Compliance assurance
  • Work permits assistance
  • Global worker engagement solutions (AOR & EOR)
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Contractor Book Audit
Jonny Breeze

Founder & Director - YELLOW CAT Recruitment

“6CATS really standout as a brilliant partner to us in so many ways – they are extremely knowledgeable across all the markets and territories we provide talent to; they are very efficient in helping and actioning anything that we need; and they go out of their way to provide the last updates and advice to us to ensure we stay completely compliant in the operational side of what we deliver for our clients. In a vast sea of lots of similar companies I can’t imagine there to be a better company to offer fully compliant, transparent, and streamlined contractor solutions. A+++, we love 6Cats”

Contractor Book Audit
Stephen Rookes

Group Commercial & Legal Director - NES Fircroft

“I would highly recommend the services provided by 6CATS The advice provided is always timely and takes into account both the compliance and commercial aspects, helping us to find the appropriate solution and make placements on time. NES Fircroft cover a large number of locations and I have yet to come across a scenario where Jon and the team at 6CATS were unable to help either directly or through their network of advisors.”

Contractor Book Audit
David Korthals

Head of Compliance - INVESTIGO

I have reached out to the (APSCo) International Helpdesk/ 6CATS on occasions where the answer is not straightforward. In a post Covid era, recruitment compliance has turned into a real specialism. Compliance challenges have shifted. A recruitment businesses can now get access to ‘remote’ talent across the globe. Understanding how to manage an ‘exotic placement’ may be paramount to expanding your business but it has not been, and will most likely never be summarised in a text book. This where 6CATS provides unique, pragmatic and risk-based advice. And if they don’t know the answer themselves, they will most likely know someone who has the expertise to tackle the problem.

Contractor Book Audit
Katherine Miller

Head of Legal and Audit - La Fosse Associates

I couldn't recommend Jon highly enough! He's been a huge help and offered us so much support as we expand our services outside of the UK. The training and advice he's given us has been invaluable and helps us to make decisions we'd have struggled to without his help.
If you're looking for some really clear, simple advice, Jon and the 6CATS Team are certainly the people to speak to!

Contractor Book Audit
Flora Xue

Payroll & Invoicing Manager - Expert360

Thank you for your outstanding service. 6CATS has been a reliable, flexible and dependable payroll partner. They're very easy to work with and are always transparent when it comes to challenges and opportunities for process improvements.
Our EMEA, US and international payroll wouldn't have been as successful were it not for our partnership with 6CATS

Contractor Book Audit
Anca Diana

Talent Manager - YELLOW CAT Recruitment

The people at 6CATS are amazing, so helpful and efficient, always very responsive on email or ready to take a call to explain things if we don’t understand anything. They are very friendly and personable and always take the time to explain the different rules in each country so we have all the information we need. They always try to find a resolution if say there’s an issue with a freelancer.

Contractor Book Audit
Lee Wilsher

Director - Phaidon International

Big shout out to Jon at 6cats and Gail and Compliance team here. Really appreciate the advice and support recently given re Germany. Ensured we closed the deal, and client is very pleased they got their guy. Our perception and value has improved greatly not just because we sourced a very niche talent, but we managed the compliancy and deal correctly and professionally. So big thanks Jon. Well worth a positive shout out to you.

Contractor Book Audit
Kris England Smith

Group HR, Training and Development Director - PENTA

“Penta have been working with Michelle Reilly and her team at 6CATS since the very beginning.
6CATS is our trusted partner, for all locations around the world, where we cannot manage contractors ourselves.
They are also our ‘go-to’ partner for support in all compliance matters; they always work, and provide compliant solutions, in Penta’s best interest.
We have no hesitation in recommending their services to any professional recruitment company seeking to operate compliantly in the international environment.”

Contractor Book Audit
Lula Flórez

I have worked with them for a few months and it has been a very good experience. Very professional, payments were always on time and the team very supportive. Strongly recommended!

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Contractor Book Audit

Stefanie Cook

MD Workwell International


Contractor Book Audit

Jon Clarke