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Workwell International enables global & multi-national organisations to tap into the power of flexible talent
Engage permanent workers in 47 countries and contingent workers in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Global HR Made Simple

Whether you’re part of a multi-national or global organisation, we can streamline your ability to engage and pay international workers, safe in the knowledge that you are complying with local tax laws & employment legislation.

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Global Tax & Legal

The legislative landscape for contingent workforce supply chains is complex and ever-changing. Our team of specialists can help you understand and mitigate the risks of global hiring.

Global Compliance

Our compliance assurance services include expert support on international contractor management, the formation of compliance processes and customised training.

Contractor Book Audit

As part of our global compliance services we’ll provide you with a full audit of contractor books and a route map to ensure you remain compliant across 80+ countries.

Pay & employ

Employer of Record

We will take the legal responsibility of employing global workers on your behalf, and cover all employment-related duties including, payroll, tax deductions, employee benefits and HR, so you can focus on growth.


Agent of Record

Our Agent of Record (AoR) service enables you to engage freelance and independent workers compliantly in over 80 countries.
From payment to compliance monitoring, we have you covered.


International Payroll

Minimise compliance exposure and avoid the risk of fines while having the flexibility to engage workers in over 80 countries around the world.
Remove the burden of understanding complex country-specific legislation.


Removing complexity

Our expert team will guide you safely through complex country-specific legislation

  • Minimise compliance exposure, avoid risk of fines & penalties for non-compliance
  • Easy-to-understand solutions
  • Cost & time saving for companies wanting to hire globally
  • Speedy onboarding process
  • Fast & accurate payment
  • High-end service from an award-winning team
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Ensuring compliance

If you are placing employees who are already registered in the country of work or their country of tax residence, you’ll need help to engage, verify compliance and process payments compliantly.
This is where we come in.

  • Compliance verification to ensure your workers have a compliant structure and can receive payment.
  • If they have a limited company we’ll carry out a company check and ensure they hold the correct insurance.
  • If they are self-employed, we’ll provide insurance cover

Once the compliance verification is complete and we have engaged the employee, we will provide a payment processing service for the duration of the contract ensuring payments are managed smoothly & efficiently.

HR & Employers

Partnering for growth

We’re here to help with every aspect of working internationally. Our complete service includes everything your business needs.

  • International payroll
  • Global tax & legal advice
  • Compliance assurance
  • Work permits assistance
  • Global worker engagement solutions (AOR & EOR)
HR & Employers

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